"I was born with an enormous need for affection and a terrible need to give it." Click on the anchor for links.
When Thomas and I get together to sing songs.
Classic me.
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And another!
Senior pictures (:
I absolutely adore this little girl. While I was playing volleyball with some of the older girls at the village, she walked up to me and showed me part of a popped balloon. Since there were no more balloons left, I scooped her up and carried her on my hip for the rest of our time there. My face had started to get red, so I found one of my friends to borrow her sunscreen. Icani, the little girl, seemed to want some too, so I booped a spot of sunscreen on her nose to make her giggle. Near the end of my time with her, she started to look really tired. I heard her murmuring “agua”, then she slowly rested her head on my shoulder. I quickly grabbed a water pouch from our cooler and let her sip from it. When our class gathered in front of the village people, she even clapped for us after each song. It’s incredible how much you can love someone you just met.
I’ll never forget my little Icani. 
Dis sunlight doe.
Commencing official hipster status.